... Roadmaps tutoring service is superb, probably the best tutoring experience I ever had in my entire life and even after I finished paying them they never forgot about me and kept helping me until I matched

- Kushaan.

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The match process starts the minute you are accepted into medical school.


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After extensive review of the literature we have crafted the perfect method to get you into the residency of your dreams. Residencies are becoming increasingly competitive; let us take your application to the next level.


We help medical students turn their residency dreams into reality by focusing on intelligent timeline planning, risk diversification and practicing evidence based residency applications.


It is never too early to get a leg up on the competition. The sooner you start planning for success, the better. You don't want to realize that you were unprepared too late in the game. The match process starts the minute you are accepted into medical school.

  • Increase Board Scores

  • Gain Research Experience

  • Craft a Outstanding CV


"The best doctors are the ones that are in the field of their choice... because that is where their passion lies."

- R2R Founders

Our entire advisory team is made up entirely of expert doctors. When you partner with Roadmap to Residency we match you to a selected physician guide that is best suited to your characteristics and application needs. Your guide has been directly involved with the interviewing and selection of residents. Conversely, medical schools provide guidance from counselors who have no idea what it’s like to successfully navigate through the match. You will meet directly with our matching experts who are journeymen of the matching process.

Hear From Our Students

Signing up with this company was a great decision. Their tutoring service is superb, probably the best tutoring experience I ever had in my entire life and even after I finished paying them they never forgot about me and kept helping me until I matched.

Kushaan - Matched Student

I am eternally thankful for the Roadmap to Residency for their continued mentorship and assistance not only with the personal statement, CV, interview prep but also the step by step mentorship and careful application review before submission. Moreover, I was able to connect with wonderful physicians in my specialty from different states and I found the best advice to as to how to fine tune my communication skills with residency programs to ensure my success into matching in my top choice!

PS. your exam scores do not define you, with the roadmap2residency you have the power to rewrite your narrative and with hard work and determination you have the tools to become successful at achieving your dream specialty.

Martina - Matched Student

Roadmap changed our lives. They show me that it was still possible to get into my dream speciality. Help me get a 263 on step 2 and match into dermatology!! I can’t thank roadmap to residency enough. If you are thinking about using their services just do it if you are serious about getting into residency. The cost of their help is Pennies on the dollar compared to what you make as an attending.

Beth - Matched Student

These guys were incredible. I was applying for residency and I was so lost. I didn't have family doctors who could aid me and the administration was so unhelpful. There are just too many of us medical students and I completely understand, but I didn't feel like I could leave my career in their hands. These guys acted as mentors, coaches and cheerleaders and I was able to match my number! I can't thank you guys enough for everything that you do.

Larry - Matched Student

I do not think I would have matched without these guys. Tyler was instrumental at me getting my number 1 spot. It's really worth it guys. This is your life and I'm so glad that I finally invested in myself.

Sean - Matched Student

Outstanding tutoring and advise matched my number 1

Molly - Matched Student

Our Services


We'll help you craft a personalized study plan to achieve your unique USMLE Step goals. While working with our seasoned tutors to improve your test taking efficiency and techniques; while decrease anxiety to get top scores. We use an evidence-based study method along with peer reviewed resources to ensure that you achieve top scores. Our average student sees an increase of 15-35 points. Finding success with the USMLE takes commitment and time. We will show you simple, hands-on methods that will help you incorporate more organization and improved study skills into every aspect of preparation and break the bad habits that are inhibiting you from achieving your full potential. We will also teach you the methodology that's helped thousands of students improve their scores drastically and increase their chances of acceptance into residency.


This is the bread and butter of Roadmap to Residency! Learn how to increase your chances of matching by using our proven method. We show you how to craft your plan of attack down to every last detail.

We know exactly what residencies are looking for in applicants. We will ensure that you show programs your strongest characteristics! R2R is not a generic application editing service that only performs grammar and spelling edits. We provide customized game plans and advice to all our clients.


Personal statements, CV's and ERAS experiences are important because they will often be used not only as a screening tool for selection; but also as a talking point during your interview. Do not blow this off as many programs have been known to screen out students because of grammatical errors in a personal statement, CV or experience sections. Be thorough and deliberate on your personal statement because it can help you, but most importantly, it can be used to screen you out of an interview offer

- R2R Make Your Application Shine Guarantee- We guarantee that the final draft of your application will highlight your unique personal and medical characteristics based on your experiences. We also guarantee that your final draft will be free of any grammar errors if all of our recommendations are followed. We will provide additional free revisions if you are not satisfied.


Learn invaluable interviewing secrets and sharpen your skills! Obtaining a residency all comes down to your interview. Many applicants look great on paper but are ranked low solely because of their interview. We will make you completely prepared for every aspect of your interview from the initial handshake/video conference introduction to connecting with the residents and attendings. Our advisors are currently involved with residency and medical school interviews and know what you will be asked!


We want to ensure that all of our clients are set up for not only for a successful match but also a successful career and life. Doctors work hard. You help others, but you need to take care of your future, too. You can make strategic financial choices to set yourself up for life, free of student debt. Many doctors have six-figures of student debt well into their 30's and 40's. Our advisors will ensure that you are taking advantage of the correct student loan repayment plans, discuss public service loan forgiveness and develop a post match financial plan that includes a residency budget and student loan repayment roadmap.


Our comprehensive packages included everything that you need to stand out from the application pool. Our physicians will guide you to make your residency dreams a reality. During this process you will build a relationship with you guide. Through mentorship and applying evidenced based applications they will help to maximize your potential by crafting a cohesive and well thought out game plan and application to ensure your success.


Any of our packages can be upgraded to have both Match advising and USMLE tutoring included. This is truly the all encompassing medical school care package. That will walk you through your first day of medical school all the way to match. All of these packages are over seen by a R2R Journeymen advisors. Journeymen advisors are our most experienced; multiyear members of our company with perfect student reviews. They have also personally matched into one of the most competitive medical specialties.

It is never too early to get a leg up on the competition...


The entire match process is a complicated process to navigate. Oftentimes people try to embark on the match process without guidance.

It is imperative to understand key terms used during the interview season, codes of ethics, as well as, interviewing etiquette, in order to avoid embarrassing situations. ​These include thank you letters, declarations of match status, first choice courting, and follow up with chief residents after the match. It is imperative that you have this information before interviewing, or even before applying.

​You can structure your chances of matching before the match application process. Get it right the first time!

The Match Process



​Even though USM​LE Step is important, it is not everything. Do not give up on your dream specialties because of grades or a below average USMLE score.

​Dermatology is arguably one of the hardest specialties to match. Many students believe that it is not possible to match this specialty without top quartile USMLE step scores. But a select group of students with scores that were at or below the national USMLE average obtained a 70% match rate in 2018. What made these students overcome the odds? This group with lower than average scores had to have an above average game plan to make this competitive match happen.

​ Medical students spend thousands of dollars and thousands of hours to prepare and take the USMLE exams. Approach the application process with the same level of dedication, intensity and preparation as if it was a USMLE exam. You would not walk into a USMLE step exam without preparing for it completely; don’t walk into the application season without Roadmap to Residency as your guide.


This is essentially your application to sub-internships across the country.

​This process is time sensitive and has to be figured out months before you apply for sub-internships. There are many pitfalls in this process. One of the most prevalent that we hear about is immunizations. For most applications you will need adequate immunization titers before you can start a sub-internship at your program of choice. If your titers are not high enough and you are deemed un-immune, then you will have to undergo the re-immunization process which can take months, for immunity to be achieved. This is just one of the many pitfalls that students are never notified about. There are also more pressing matters such as how to act on sub-internships, and how to make it your time to shine. A sub-internship can be an opportunity for you to match at a place that would have otherwise been impossible without this chance. Get it right the first time, and get your guidance today.

"...We know the statistics, we know the numbers, and we know the game. And if you know how this process is played, anything is possible. "​ - R2R Founders

ERAS: is your application.

​It is the NRMP software that residency match candidates will use in order to submit their applications to residencies across the country. It is a software that students are often told to familiarize themselves with because there are many complex facets to the internet interface. But if you have coaching on how to structure your application, it can mean the difference between matching and not matching. From the moment you start medical school, research projects, and extracurricular experiences should be structured with the ERAS application process in mind. For instance, ERAS does not allow you to submit research projects in progress, but they do let you submit published, or even submitted research, as well as presentations and posters. If you do not tailor your research for publication submission, it essentially has no significance, as you will not be allowed to mention it on your ERAS residency application. That means the retrospective analysis you have been working on for three years won't even go on your application if you do not submit it for publication before you apply to eras. Call us and we can help you avoid pitfalls and wasted time. ​

“It is never too early to get a leg up on the competition...”


It is widely known that it is tougher for ECFMG's and IMG's to match into American positions. But with our statistically guided approach, we can not only get you into the AMG match, but we can get you a shot at competitive specialties.

We use a statistically driven process to tilt the numbers in your favor by applying different match application methods. The bottom line is: this process is a numbers game, and we have the answers.

​ We encourage IMG's and FMG's to contact us even if this is not your first time going through the match. We can help you develop the relationships, and get the strategies you need to succeed.

“...the match process starts the minute you are accepted into medical school.”


The National Resident Matching Program (NRMP), also called The Match, is a United States-based private non-profit non-governmental organization.

​It was created in 1952 to place U.S. medical school students into residency training programs located in United States teaching hospitals. Its mission has since expanded to include the placement of U.S. citizen and non-U.S. citizen international medical school students and graduates into residency and fellowship training programs. The annual Main Residency Match encompasses more than 43,000 applicants and 31,000 positions. The NRMP is sponsored by a Board of Directors that includes medical school deans, teaching hospital executives, graduate medical education program directors, medical students and residents, and one public member.

"You are more than just your Step score! Many people still match into competitive residencies with average step scores. That is because they know how the game is played! ​

-R2R Founders

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